Energy Audit

We can find Heat Bleed in your home.

Stop your loss with
one energy audit.

Before you can put an end to the losses caused by Heat Bleed, its source has to be found. Energy Response Corps does exactly that, by performing a thorough series of tests that locate the areas where your home is losing energy, and costing you money. Click through the steps on the right to learn how a typical energy audit works.

We partner with the best.
We inspect their work.
And we offer a guarantee.

All of our Energy Response Corps member
contractors are fully trained and certified—and
then re-trained annually, to keep their skills
sharp. To further insure customer satisfaction,
we double-check all work. And in the unlikely
case that one of our member contractors goes
out of business, Energy Response Corps will
back that member’s work for 15 years.

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We don’t just help you
find incentives.
We help you get them.

As your energy bills fall and your disposable income rises, energy-efficient home improvements
can pay for themselves in a very short time—and that time gets even shorter when you take
advantage of financial incentives. We help you sort through the process of finding and obtaining
funds at the federal, state and local levels.

For an overview of available incentives, check the list below.

Fifteen Year Warranty Seal When your energy
losses stop,
our warranty starts.

Unlike some contractors or big box stores, we offer a 15-year guarantee on all work performed by our Energy Response Corps preferred member contractors. Add that to the manufacturers’ material warranties, and you’re looking at years of security. (Because sleep is another thing you can’t afford to lose.)

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